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What We Do

We help game makers make better games in a better way. Our passionate team offers consulting and team augmentation for game studios.

We train and educate talented people around the world and put them on remote short-term game design, and development projects. They get experience, and the game makers don’t have to crunch. Win-win!

What It's Like to Work Here

In the current situation it's hard to make team pictures, so instead, here's a selection from the co-working space we occasionally used before the pandemic. 

At our heart, we're a distributed company and anyone joining us can expect to work from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you’re a night owl or early riser, our work hours are flexible, as long as you get the work done and can do a couple of co-working hours each workday. We host bi-weekly game nights with our gaming community Funbase, we have an informal atmosphere, and are a small, close-knit team! 


Of course doing meaningful work with awesome people isn't all you get.

  • Work from home

    We're a distributed company, so you can work from the comfort of your home, and we can meet at our co-working space if required.

  • Flexible work hours

    Start at 6, or 10, whatever works for you - as long as you get your work done and are available for meetings and co-working.

  • The chance to do work which will have a real impact on an early stage company

    Everything you do will help build the foundation for a long-lasting and sustainable company.

  • Game nights

    Join our Discord and game community. Did you know that two of our founders are excellent D&D Game Masters?

  • Options for equity

    Our early hires are eligible for equity options in our company.

  • Work in the game industry

    So you can brag to your friends about it.

  • Informal atmosphere and small, close-knit team

    It's likely that everyone working here will know your name.

Let's Talk About Values

We want to build a healthy and sustainable work culture, in order to do that, we have thought early and often about our values. We have categorized our values into three camps:

We believe everyone we work with should display these values

  • Respect
  • Communication

We want all of our actions to be guided by these values.

  • Empowerment
  • Fair Treatment

We continuously strive to meet these values

  • Ownership
  • Transparency
  • Diversity

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